Artistic Milliners Opens Garment Facility, a ‘Factory of the Future’ – WWD

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“The future is now” idiom is realized with the opening of an ultra-modern new garment facility by Artistic Milliners, a vertically integrated denim manufacturer, which takes form as a high-tech, sustainably focused factory coupled with a strategy thats promotes inclusivity and equity, the company said this week.

Its mission materialized into a facility that represents a $60 million investment to increase Artistic Milliners’ production output and simultaneously cements its commitment to gender equity in employment, they explained.

Offering extras such as a state-of-the-art day care facility, free on-site lunch, a 100 percent digital wage system, transportation, and employee training facilities, the company said its newest facility is part of a “growing ecosystem of end-to-end vertical apparel manufacturing.”

Sprawling at 500,000 square feet, the facility is located within Artistic Millliners’ AM-4 apparel park that is spread over nine acres in Karachi, Pakistan — a park that employs more than 10,500 workers. Its new factory is USGBC LEED Platinum level and features 850KW solar panels, in addition to advanced MBR (membrane bioreactor) water recycling technology that will increase the company’s daily water recycling capacity to 1.5 million gallons, and helps the company reach its 90 percent recycling goal .

Its factory is exclusively uses ZDHC Level-01 and higher chemicals and is certified under most standards, which includes meeting metrics within GOTS, Higg and ISO.

Murtaza Ahmed, managing director, Artistic Milliners, said, “The opening of this facility is an opportunity to put into practice our vision for the future of apparel production. We see this as a model factory, one where the latest technological innovations in efficiency and sustainability meet the best employment practices in terms of women’s potential and well-being.”

Artistic Milliners is moving quickly, as the facility is already in operation and shipping product, according to the company — and it is on track to reach full capacity by the first quarter of 2023, they added.

Impressively, Artistic Milliners will boost its garment production by 30 percent, or 43 million pieces per year, with a planned production capacity of 600,000 pieces per month. Referred to as a “smart factory” in adherence to Supply Chain 4.0 principles, its increased workflow will be supported by the latest technologies in garment industry automation that digitize all factory processes and improves throughput time.

Its safety precautions, designed to protect a workforce of 3,500 employees, feature a fully automated fire protection and detection system, including sprinkler and fire hydrant systems that are monitored in real time in a centralized emergency control room, the company said. Its facility has also been designed in accordance with seismic standards to protect the workers and prevent structure damage in the event of an earthquake.

But in 2022, expectations are high — and Artistic Milliners envisioned its new factory as a gender inclusive and equitable workplace in alignment with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation Family Friendly Program.

And its facility’s employment will be predominantly female. “The company plans 70 percent of the workforce to be women, including 50 percent of the middle-management staff. Many of these employees will be employed in nontraditional roles such as dry processing, pressing and other departments,” the company noted.


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